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                                                         Spectro Senses / Biological


Spectro Senses is Ronei from Brazil. Founded in 2007, Ronei was intriged by the power of psychedelic trance music. In 2013 he changed his style for more progressive vibes, After making remixes to some of the biggest artistsin our scene, and was also involved in collabs and remixes. Nowdays Ronei releases his psychedelic vision with labels like Blue Tunes, Iono music , Stereofly Records etc....

The essence of Spectro Senses is fat basslines, magical arps, some old-school leads and at same time he brings a psychedelic trip of pure melodies.

Ronei believe music can transcend time and space and it opens up the cosmic connection between you and the universe. With new artistic ideas, his unique and innovative way of creating music gives you a pure psychedelic experience.

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